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There’s something about the mystery of the old Egyptian culture that players think to have something to do with being luckier. In this case, software developers added a key historical figure and have thrown some sexual innuendos in the mix. A Night with Cleo slot review is one of the Cleo slots and aims to unravel all the reasons why this is a game suited for any gambler, as well as being played just for fun.

Tech Info

A Night with Cleo online casino slot game falls into the category of Egyptian-themed video slots. The software developer is Proprietary Games, which created the Ancient Egypt interface over a 5 reel slot game, with 20 possible paying lines.

This online slot accepts a minimum bet of 2 cents and a maximum wager of 200 USD. There have been 165 recorded wins so far, with an average of a bit over 100000 USD. A Night with Cleo flee slot machine game, manages to enlist a new winner at an average time of about 5 days.

As a small minus, it should be said that this video slot is not supported by any mobile software, so only play it on desktops.

Game Features

Although many would like to play for A Night with Cleo slot game for real money, it must be said that putting aside the interactive gameplay, it’s still a slot machine where cash is involved. Please don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s a gambling game, no matter how entertaining it might be.

The fact that gamblers are playing A Night with Cleo slot for real money means that some specific features entitle these players to acquire higher winnings. For instance, there are scatter symbols that award free spins in a combination of 3 or more. The Egyptian theme means that finding 5 Eyes of Horus entitles the player to 500 times the initial bet.

Also, the wild symbol is none other than Cleopatra herself, which flirts continuously and keeps blowing kisses while adding extra winnings when found on the reel. In a winning combination, the double-up round begins. Collecting five of Cleopatra means 10000 times the bet.

The bonus rounds consist of having one-on-one time with the seductress Cleo. In a quick game of guess the correct lotus flower in her hand, she doubles your winnings for each lucky guess. Additionally, she breaks the player’s focus by undressing each time he chooses well until nude.

Game Plot

A Night with Cleo online slot has the classic symbols of 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A, stylized to look like hieroglyphs. Additional winning symbols about Ancient Egypt’s culture are available, some of which were presented in the section above.

As games in many online casinos go, this one also has a twist in the gameplay to be more attractive. The surprise is brought by the adult content when Cleopatra begins unraveling her charms in the bonus round, at the end of which she becomes naked from above the waist.


Regardless of a fanatic for Ancient Egypt stylized plays, a true gambler with the only wish to play for real money, or just curious to see what the Queen’s ample bosom looks like clothes-free, A Night with Cleo slot machine game combines the lot, in an interactive and jackpot-winning pastime.