Mobile Casino Sites Review

The online entertainment experienced rapid popularity in the past few years, especially when one of the mobile gambling site implemented a new feature that would change this industry forever. Implementing a mobile casino real money betting, the players could chase their luck even while being in the move. As all the newest casinos simply must have support for mobile online gambling, you can expect from this article a genuine review of this relatively new form of online entertainment. According to statistic research, the number of players that gamble from their smartphones has jumped to 168 million players in 2018, which means that more and more internet casinos are offering this feature. For that reason, we feel responsible for reviewing the best ones and presenting them to you so you could know where to deposit your funds and enjoy the fantastic gambling.

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Mobile Casinos for Real Money Criteria

All of our reviews are written by the experienced online gambling enthusiasts who always have in mind the main criteria when choosing the best places for our readers and subscribers. Intentionally, there are 8 things that we count to be a part of the main criteria. Each of this can tell you greatly whether you are dealing with a good place. The USA accepted mobile casinos should be reviewed on the basis of the following features that greatly help in determining how good is the place. All the mobile casino reviews are based upon these criteria.


The best casinos for real money on the mobile phone must possess a license that shows the legit authorization for the operating. A license is a set of criteria that a place must meet in order to be eligible for work. Honesty, sustainability and the proof of financial standing are the standard features that describe the operation license, and once all of these are met, the casino has full permission for launching. The new mobile casino sites always want to show their license and convince players to use their service.

eCOGRA Certificate

eCOGRA is a must for all casinos for mobile phones, and it is not possible to achieve trustworthiness and become an authority in this industry if you do not possess the official authorization. eCOGRA is the international testing organization that ensures and approves accuracy of payment transactions, fair and random gambling and protection of the client’s rights. If you see eCOGRA shield, those are the safe mobile casinos.

Compatibility with Main Devices

Not all phones are compatible with all browsers and apps. It means that you need to check whether a phone casino you want to play in is compatible with your smartphone. As you know, mobile gambling suffers from the inability to support all the games from web-casino in the mobile version, so you need to make sure that you can play the game you want. Of course, this is going to be solved in the near future, once the developers manage to make games compatible with all the systems and platforms.

A Wide Selection of Games

Whatever device you are using (phone, laptop, iPAD…), you should be able to access a large database of games. Players always look for slots, as they are the most played casino games. Still, they should offer you classic games like poker, roulette or baccarat. If you don’t have, that the mobile real money casino is not for you. Real money casino mobile game collection is always huge, although it can happen that some of the games are not available.

The Quality of Software

The quality of the software is one of the aspects you MUST NOT SKIP as it tells you a lot about the company/casino. For example, if you see Microgaming name, you can be sure you will enjoy in fantastic gambling, as it is one of the first companies that started in this business. Besides Microgaming, one of the best software includes NetEnt, Playtech, BetSoft, Play’n’Go, and Spinomenal casinos. All smartphone casino games come from the same developers so you can expect nothing but the high quality. The real mobile casinos for real money payouts always offer the highest software quality!

The Live Support

It is okay to have an issue or a problem but is not okay not to have someone in a casino to help you with addressing that problem. Always look for places that offer 24/7 live support through phone, live chat, and email. The more methods they offer for contacting, the more legit they are. Not to mention if they are available 24/7. That is a clear sign of the legit mobile online casinos since casinos in mobile support must be reliable!
The legit ones always hire a few agents that will work on the phone as operators with the goal of helping the customers. These agents often speak several world languages. If the place offers live support via free-toll line, with the operators that speak several languages, you can be sure you are dealing with the superb casino that wants to provide its customers with the outstanding experience.

The Payment Options

If a place offers a lot of payment options, you can be sure that you are dealing with the legit and transparent house. Each gambler has a unique way of accessing his funds, so bank transfers and credit card transactions are not always a good choice for a player. The wider spectrum of available payment methods, the better the casino is. Offering payment services like Paypal means that the PayPal casino has managed to achieve an agreement with the payment service, meaning the casino is legit and trustworthy. The best online mobile casinos incorporate services like Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Moneygram, and other known ones. And you also can find a pay by mobile phone casinos option.

Decent Bonuses

These are the inevitable part, and every time you deposit some money, you should be eligible to receive the bonus. As more and more mobile casinos are emerging, they are started competing who would offer the best bonus. Ranging from free spins to free cash, all the places offer these. Just make sure you read what your favourite place offers to you before you start gambling there. The mobile casino welcome bonus offers are always the part of sign up process in the majority of cases.

The USA Mobile Casino Features

All the players from the USA must take into consideration the status of this activity in their country, as it is not yet defined whether the US allowed mobile casinos accept players. Even though the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) restricts any form of fund-accepting-gambling activities, thanks to 5.6 billion American Dollars that streamed through this industry, the things could change as the amount of money could have a great influence on social and states’ needs. There are mobile friendly US online casinos like Bovada that approves access to American players, but the fresh blockchain technology could be the best way of legal participating in online gambling activities. All the deposits will be transparent and safe through online exchange operations, meaning that new mobile phone casinos will be open to the US players. The majority of the US states imposed restrictions on this type of entertainment, but despite to the restrictions, the participating is not totally restricted as there are some trusted online mobile casinos for US players that allow you to gamble online, but you still need to be careful.

Main Devices

While mobile casino games for real money work on different platforms, players adore playing slots on their favourite system while going back from work. All the new online mobile casinos in 2020 work on the support for different devices as this is the MUST DO activity since it cannot survive if it does not offer this. The online mobile gaming has brought a whole new set of players who even never tried to gamble via PC or laptop as they are used to a smartphone. Those steady groups of clients are valuable, and once they are switched to another place, it is very hard to get them back. For that reason, companies compete in creating a better mobile offer, and that is why you can see a lot of new online real money casinos.


Android mobile casinos flooded the market, as the number of Android users is very high. Android is the most used operating system for smartphones, and therefore a big part of the online casino industry. While Android games’ offer is a bit scarcer than web one, that does not prevent players from playing on this system. With its highly stable core, Android can take a lot of resources and operations without producing bugs and problems. Therefore, 99% of gambling houses offer support for Android systems.


Casinos for iPhone emerged once the trending of mobile gambling became known. Although the iPhone community is specifically oriented towards the US ground, it is not uncommon to see a lot of European iPhone users that gamble online. These are also stable systems, with some greater limit what so ever. Still, the community is expanding every day, and the games’ list is updated all the time.

Windows phone

Although Windows on phones is not so popular, it can support the mobile online casino and the users of this system love to play slots or poker on it. This system suffers greatly because of the game limits since the games are not able and will not be able for this system due to technology setbacks. However, players still can enjoy in genuine and smooth gambling, though with the limited number of games.


iPad is for those who like to have a separate device to enjoy gambling activities. The system supports all the games that are available on iOS. Still, iPad is the smallest community of players but is a significant one as they are the steady group whose number of member is not changed drastically over time.

Types of Casinos

Mobile gambling apps can be accessed in two ways. The first way is through the direct visiting of the place, where you can start with gambling immediately, just after you done with the registration. The second type is downloadable. It means you will have to download the executable file that you will install.
Once the installation is done, you will be able to log in to your account and start playing. Both online casinos on a mobile phone have their own pros and cons but is just a matter of taste, though the downloadable ones are a bit faster.


This type is the best for inexperienced players. You simply go to the casino’s URL, wait for it to be loaded and once loaded, you can start playing. You are required to install the Flash player in order to be able to play the games. The flash versions are easy to use, do not require any download but often do not offer to play for real money, so pay attention. This type of version usually has a slightly higher RTP ratio but often is worth nothing as you cannot play for real money.


Downloadable types offer extraordinary support, stability, and connection to the banking merchants as they offer real mobile casino experience with genuine cash. The downloadable take some time to download and set up, but once set up, you are 100% protected and safe, as the developers guarantee your safety. The mobile casino apps that pay real money often come in the form of downloadable executables.

Banking options

A wide range of real money mobile casinos will offer many payment methods as proof of their validity and ability to do business properly. Instant payout US mobile casinos show their transparency by offering the most convenient payment methods (like Paypal for example) that the majority of players like to use. The most used methods include Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, credit and debit card transfers and bank transfers.

Debit cards

Online casinos mobile experts usually take a single debit card and make it only for online payments. Thanks to great safety and SSL security protocols, all the transactions are safe and cannot be hacked. Though technically they can, it is almost impossible to perform such an action, as the additional high-level security protocols protect you and your financial details. From VISA to MasterCard option – choose whatever suits you best and enjoy mobile gambling! All the transactions through debit cards are instantaneous.


Online casinos for mobile phones apply E-Wallets as the valid funding source. From Paypal to Skrill, all of the services give the easy/convenient way of making the payments, as well as executing the withdrawals. The transactions, as far as it is about deposits, are instant while withdrawals do take some time. This time depends on several factors like the age of your account and activity, payment method and the amount for withdrawal.

Pay by phone

Paying by phone is a popular method for making the transactions, and one of the most used services is Payforit. Your phone number is connected to your Payforit account, and you do not share any of your financial data. You rather give your phone number, which is connected to your “monthly bill” account, so money is deducted from the account for bills, meaning there is no sensitive data exchanged unlike with other banking methods.

Mobile Casino Games

An abundance of available games makes it very difficult for the player to get bored while gambling. At the beginning of this industry, there were like three games that you could play, so you would get bored quickly. Today, casino games for mobile devices include the stunning graphics and smooth animations making it very hard for the player to lose interest in the games. If you want to play phone casino games, you will have a lot of research and trying out before saying there is nothing more to try. That is why the developers are working on the constant improvement of the available games that you can play.


In order to play mobile slots, you will need to choose among more than 50 different versions of this game. The popularity of the game made thousands of versions to come up. Sometimes it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you, but you can be sure that you will never get bored because you have played all the slots. You can usually choose from three-reel and five-reel slots, or slots with the progressive jackpot. It all depends on the list of mobile casino slot games and mainly the developer of the software you are using.


One of the favorite adventures regardless of whether it is a brick and mortar or an online one. Roulette is a game of predicting the number that a ball will land on. You place bets on the board that has a payout number range, and you can bet on black/red, odd/even, a scale of numbers and on a few other bets as well. Mobile live casino games always offer roulette game, as it often, depending on the place, features a live croupier that runs the table. There are three types of this game that you can find in mobile roulette casino places: American, French and European, where the American has double zero slots.


This is a well-known game that is relatively simple but very interesting, as you need to beat the dealer. Mobile blackjack real money is one of the most played games on mobile casinos, as it is fast, interesting and allows you to double up your money quickly.


A simple card game that features two-three cards for the playing. The winning hand is the one that as the highest remaining number when it is divided by the ten.


It is a world-known game that does not require a lot of explaining. Note that there are several different variations of this game. However, the most played one is, of course, Texas Hold ‘em’. Always see how many versions the place offers –the more offers, the more legit it is and so do you have more versions to choose.

Software Developers

When the well-respected publisher is the cornerstone of mobile gambling games, there is nothing wrong to be expected. RTG, Rival, WGS or Betsoft are the team of developers that power the old and recognized gambling houses. Since reaching the agreement of cooperation with the good software providers is not a piece of cake, it is natural to recognize the quality, care and overall satisfaction that an operator wants to give its players.

RealTime Gaming

Mobile casino for real money is not an abstract term anymore but rather a synonym for Real Time Gaming company that has been serving online gambling entertainment for more than 20 years. It is headquartered in Costa Rica and then bought by Hasting International from Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. They are known for titles like Aztecs’ Millions, Blacksmiths Jackpot, Caribbean Stud Poker or Chinatown slots.

Rival Powered

One of the best mobile casino for real money software is Rival Powered casino software, with headquarters in Finland. They have made one of the best free slots like Sevens and Bars, Diamond Dragon and Arabian Tales. This software is available in all top 5 online mobile casinos.

WGS Technology

English Harbour, VIP Slots and Caribbean Gold are one of the known places that this crew rents its knowledge and services. They offer one of the best real cash casinos mobile experiences.

Present both in older and the brand new mobile casinos, Betsoft holds the title for one of the most original software developers.


Each type of bonus is a perk and the more the casino offers them, the better for you. Mobile casino sign up bonus is something that all players are looking for, to be honest. Still, some of the casinos cannot offer always what we expect, but anything that we get for free is an advance. Mobile casinos free spins as well, as players can’t help them sometimes but keep spinning the reels when they play slots.

Mobile Casino Welcome Bonus

Mobile casino deposit bonus is the gift you get on your first deposit. The amount required to be eligible for the bonus is determined by the casino. Good places have multiple deposit bonuses that players get on several deposits. Of course, pay attention to the wagering requirements, as well as the condition that allows you to withdraw bonus funds.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit mobile casino accepting US players is something that you will see rarely, but it can appear from time to time. It should not push you away from the place just because you don’t get free money, but still, have in mind this perk when choosing.


Summing things up, we can say that the technology filled a huge gap between entertainment and our lives, by giving us the enjoyment of mobile gambling real money. When we consider all the features, perks, coverage, payment methods and everything else, we can see why top mobile casinos are better than the regular web casino thing. Things like casino bonus for mobile players are unique, and it can happen that you get a really good promotion just because you are playing over the phone, which you couldn’t have gotten if you had played on PC/laptop. Below is the list of perks that you get and cons that disrupt the whole concept, although in a not great range.


  • Enjoy an exclusive casino bonus mobile promotions
  • Use the same payment methods
  • Gamble while on the go


  • Not all games are available in the mobile version
  • Smaller screens/limited view

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ section is here to answer the regular questions you could have on this subject. Most often, inexperienced players are not sure about some terms and actions, so they head for the FAQ section firstly. In case you cannot find the topic you are interested in, feel free to contact us.

Do I need to download mobile casino apps?

It depends on the casino/software provider, but in general yes, you do download the app from the store. In most of the cases, you will download the app and use it, but rarely play directly through the mobile browser.

Is it safe to play casino on mobile?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. No casino software contains any malware or viruses that could harm your device. There are ads that are (usually) part of free games, but no harmful programs are present in any of the application.

Is it legal to gamble on a mobile phone?

It is legal to gamble from your handheld device as long as you are in the country that does not restrict online gambling.

How to withdraw from mobile casinos?

In the same way as you would in any web place. Simply log in to your account, go to transactions’ page and click on “Withdraw/al” button, fill in the information correctly and receive your money. Make sure you withdraw to the supported payment service.

Can I play every casino game on mobile phones?

No, as it is extremely hard to optimize every single game for mobile use. Though software providers regularly update their mobile games list, it is hard to expect all the games to be available.

Do I have to create a new account to play on a mobile casino?

No, you can use your existing one from the web casino. Just download the app, log in and you are ready!