Real Money New USA Online Casinos 2020

Online gambling is one of the phenomena that took the whole world by storm. Having spread like wildfire since the first website offering online slots appeared, given the technological appetite of United States citizens, combined with the history of renowned gambling places, it was found that a sudden growth of casinos online in the US to happen. People that were used to travelling to Vegas or Atlantic City in order to try out their luck embraced without restraint the concept of online slots. The obvious advantages that this form of gambling held over the classical one had a large number of people playing American online casino for real money.

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      And as for everything that had such impressive growth in numbers, especially when involving large amounts of money, soon, the legal part of the business came into discussion. Therefore, although gambling was somewhat regulated in the US, this new type of activity had some loopholes that the old laws, from the pre-Internet era, didn’t cover in a satisfactory manner. As a result, the best USA online casinos went under scrutiny. A roller coaster of regulatory contradictions followed which convinced many online casinos that accept US players to restrict their access, just to prevent from having to go through the hustle of laws surrounding this subject.

      However, the wind of change brought new hope for the matter, and since 2018’s Supreme Court ruling on a related subject, tides could turn. We might just witness the emergence of new online casinos in the USA starting in 2020.

      Main Criteria of Best Online Gambling Sites for the USA

      If regulators roll their decisions this way, we’ll face a boom of US casinos online with everybody who can sniff a booming business in the making, trying to grab a piece of the United States’ online slots underdeveloped market. Under these circumstances, it’s highly important to establish the legitimate online casinos that USA players can safely join, as well as the criteria used to evaluate them.

      Having License and Regulated

      The worst enemy for those who gamble online for real money is uncertainty. As long as it’s unclear whether the best online casinos in the USA are legal, people are going to avoid playing. The restriction mentioned in the UIGEA law, states that it’s illegal for websites to receive money in the declared purpose of wagering, but states nothing about those who send the money. Meaning, that a large number of USA approved online casinos might have gotten their license in other countries that regulate this more clearly. As a must, each casino must be verified to ensure that it’s legally licensed and that all regulatory measures have been taken for its proper functioning in the US.

      Trusted and Secure

      Scammers are all around and especially when talking about real money, no one needs to add an adrenaline rush to the use of US online gambling sites, by fearing frauds. Therefore, the security of these websites is of paramount importance. There are several encryptions that ensure the use of safe online casinos in the USA, such as the SSL technology. Furthermore, what makes one of these websites to be one of the most trusted online casinos for US players is the use of an unbreakable Random Number Generator function, which sits at the base of any casino game. Casual, random, official verifications of the invulnerability of this function are required by the Licensing Authority, just to avoid hacking incidents or intentional ill-usage.

      Banking Options

      Being able to retrieve your winnings is the next important item on the list of criteria when evaluating online casinos that pay real money. Most issues and bad reviews from players are centred on the impossibility to get in possession of their earned money. The best online casinos that payout in the USA, actually have very clearly stated the terms that regulate the conditions and means to withdraw money from them. The same goes for depositing money on your online user’s account. Probably the means accepted for depositing are faster than those for withdrawing, but all the options should be carefully analyzed beforehand, in order to choose the most suited one. The most popular payment methods are MasterCard, Visa, E-Wallets and American Express casino payment.

      Mobile Casino USA

      A highly important feature and one of the most searched options is the possibility to use online mobile casinos in USA. And given the technology addiction, the country suffers from, having swift access on any mobile device, has become quite a necessity. Being able to verify at any given time the account roll or taking advantage of any limited promotions is required, even more so when real money is at stake. The best US mobile casinos have even developed apps and also assure compatibility to most popular operating systems: iOS, Windows or Android.

      USA Casino Bonuses

      After making sure that all the technicalities mentioned above have been met, the next thing to search for is the best online casino bonus in the USA. In a niche where hundreds of similar websites offer the same main service, getting in front, as one of the favourites American casino online, means showing up to the table with propositions unheard-of before. No deposit bonus is a preferred version, but it can range from free spins to welcome bonuses, VIP programs, tournaments, periodical promotions or bonuses focused only on certain games.
      Live Casino USA.

      Having the option of a live online casino in the USA is a requirement that all reputable online casinos must take into account. The specific of American gamblers, accustomed to playing in Vegas establishments, with all the luxury and the personnel swarming around, offering their services and making them feel special, makes it mandatory. The live casino online for American players is important not only so they can play for cash, as they can do that anywhere, but it also needs to take players closer to the original experience of placing wagers in a luxurious casino.

      The United States Online Gambling Laws Overview

      The 2006 law stipulates interdictions and sets the frame for banning Internet banning. However, this bill didn’t put in place punitive measures against the gamblers, but it rather led to a lack of options, seeing how most US approved online casinos were not allowed anymore to accept any form of payment from US citizens, with the purpose of placing any form of bets. This didn’t clearly state if online casinos were legal in the USA or not, but it drastically reduced their possibility of conducting their business. Also, when three big sites were closed down, with frozen bank accounts, everyone knew things were not to joke with. Very few online casinos accepting US players took the risk of continuing doing business with them. And various forms of sending money towards these sites have been used, trying to bypass the restrictions, such as gift cards and e-wallets, with the condition of providing sufficient anonymity for the funds’ provenance.

      There is, however, a small number of states which have found a way to legalize online gambling in a form or another. Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware have permitted websites which solely focus on online poker rooms to carry on their activity. Also, the latter two go beyond just poker games and allow all casino games to be played in virtual casino establishments.

      2018 came with a Supreme Court ruling that was interpreted as being favourable for USA friendly online casinos, seeing how it states that this type of gambling falls under no federal law. Thus, opening the possibility of each particular state to regulate its own specifications on the matter, with rules that apply only to their territory. The possibility of legally and safely play for real money in the US is expanding towards new opportunities.

      American Online Gambling Predictions

      Following the above mentioned Supreme Court ruling, the predictions see the US-based online casinos’ expansion regaining its momentum. Already, the states of Pennsylvania and New York have multiplied their efforts towards legalizing gambling via the Internet. New York’s legislation modifications propose the issuing of a small limited number of licenses for online poker, with a high cost but available for ten years, trying to reiterate the Nevada current applied rules on the subject. Illinois also tried to advance a bill, but it has been recently shut down. But not to worry, as things are clearly moving along the way.

      On the upside, a lot of legal online casinos in the USA are going to come out of the blue, making the competition fierce and assuring customers that top quality services are sure to be provided. But then again, seeing how frauds are an ever-growing phenomenon, the newest USA online casinos that are going to emerge have to be put through extra measures of security checks, just to ensure their authenticity.

      American Online Casino Software Providers

      One of the most important things in making sure that one gambles only on a safe online casino in the USA for real money is choosing the right software provider for the available games on the website. A trustworthy provider and game developer is crucial for the success of the business. Knowing to properly combine the excitement of new games or different modernized versions of classical pastimes, with the safety and security of the software, guaranteed by a serious company, ensures the website is found among the top rated online casinos in the USA.
      We find that especially among new USA casinos, the need to attract customers with never-seen-before games prevails in front of having to respect the security measures that all American online casino needs to obey. Choosing the respectable software providers that also focuses on permanent game development, keeping in sight the newest trends, is what makes an internet casino webmaster great at his job. Some of the most popular software providers that fall into the categories mentioned before are described in the list below.

      RealTime Gaming

      This is among the elders of software providers, being founded in 1998, among the first such companies to appear on the market. The fact that there is up to this day a large number of RTG casinos still active speaks a lot about RTG’s worth.

      Furthermore, many United States based online casino use services offered by RTG, in fact being the main software provider for American online casinos after the UIGEA law was passed, on sites as Bovada Casino,, Lucky Red or Las Vegas USA, to name a few.
      The large array of services provided, includes many games, most of the slots, a mobile platform along with the instant play option, support, and hosting, marketing tools or licensing assistance.

      WGS Technology

      A similar provider to RTG, this is also an old-time business in the field, having started out as a facilitator for online payments, then branching out to the online casino software developer. Knowing its history, we might think that if the security of banking was your main concern, this company has that part covered. There are a number of exclusive WGS casinos, Lincoln Casino and Liberty Slots Casino being among them, while some offer their games in a mix with those by other producers.

      Rival Powered

      From the handful of companies which have agreed to face risks in accepting US players, this is one of them. Some of the most famed Rival casinos with exclusive games by this brand, include Desert Nights, Casholot Casino, or Slots Capital. Besides having the usual selection of slots, table games, and video poker, the developers from Rival boast about their innovative i-Slots. These interactive slots have stories that unravel bit by bit, the more you play. It might be just a marketing stunt, but it’s an effective one.

      Betsoft Gaming

      Concerning casinos which allow US players, some of the best sites for online gambling, are using their software. Gossip Slots is one of the casinos which use the innovative experiences of 3D Slots, the high-quality games that Betsoft casinos take great pride in. It also helps a lot that at least one new game each month is developed, making it a real advantage for those casinos that use this company’s software.

      Best Deposit and Withdraw Methods

      Seeing how this was the main point where the legislators acted by restricting the acceptance of money by online casinos, it’s very interesting discussing what are the online casino in the USA accepted methods of payment. Concerning American online casino where the real money is dealt with, the basic advice remains the same: carefully read the terms and conditions to find out the precise ways of depositing and withdrawing money.


      As a general rule, most of the times, online casinos in the United States tend to accept many more options for depositing money than they do for withdrawing. However, due to the regulatory restrictions, it’s tricky to assess what are the online casinos’ legal options in USA.
      The clients’ first choices are the credit cards, with Visa and Mastercard leading the top of preferences. For greater anonymity, these card providers offer the option of pre-paid credit cards. E-wallets are the newest find in technological advancements regarding online payments. Any America online casino is glad to have that extra layer of security offered by e-wallets, to protect users’ personal and financial data. Therefore, PayPal, Netteller or Skrill are the services renowned worldwide for financial intermediation. Top online casinos for US players ensure that Bitcoin or another form of cryptocurrencies can be used for their wagering.

      There are other manners of getting money to your casino account, but they take more time: money transfer services, bank transfers, checks or payment by phone. And what about the minimum amount of money you can deposit, it always varies. But for those who don’t have a wish to deposit much, you can find the best online USA real money casino min deposit on our website.


      Most discontents come from customers unhappy with the way the casinos managed their withdrawal requests, either because they haven’t read the terms or on account of troubleshooting. The main issue comes from the minimum withdrawal limits imposed by some sites that clients tend to ignore firsthand.

      The ways to get in possession of the money won gambling seem to focus more on bank transfers, checks, money transfer services. There are fewer cases of withdrawal options in the form of e-wallet transfers, perhaps more so when cryptocurrency gambling is involved. Also, transferring money the classical way, on players’ credit cards is one of the most popular means.

      American Casino Online Games Overview

      United States players are quite picky when choosing to play online casino games for real money in the USA. But when the prospect of playing in order to win real money is not enough anymore, the games put at disposal must blend the traditional approach, with a modern twist of classical favourite games and the excitement of always finding something new to keep the interest alive.


      There is no other game that can compare with the magnitude that best USA online slots have reached. The better part of all virtual casino games is American online slots machines for real money, going from the basic version to the complex combinations of 5 or even 7 reels, with wild symbols and many paylines.

      Slots are undeniably everyone’s favourite pastime: gamblers love them because they’re so easy to play, as no strategy is required, the complexity of the game consists simply in pulling a virtual lever and wait for the lucky combinations to drop. Online casinos’ webmasters also love these games, as they offer the biggest profit margins of all.


      Opposed to the simplicity of slots, when playing online blackjack for real money in the USA needs well-planned strategies which you might have to shift and change very quickly during the game. There is also a high number of options for blackjack as well, as it probably is the most played table game in the virtual space.


      The world-spread phenomenon of poker is present in online casinos in the form of:

      • Table games, with its most popular variations, Texas Hold’em is a king amongst them,
      • Video poker, where the aim is not to beat an opponent, but finishing the hand with a valid poker combination
      • Live poker, where the trill is amplified by involving a real person to deal with the cards


      The main attraction of gambling on online roulette in the US is given by the possibility of placing multiple wagers in the same round. Thus, the strategy focuses on the pattern of bet-placing, rather than on the wheel which can’t be influenced.

      Other categories

      Land casinos are faithfully reproduced by their virtual counterparts, with many other possibilities than the categories listed above. You have the chance to play baccarat online, keno, scratchcards, online craps or even bet in a football studio.

      ❓ Is it Legal to Play Online Casinos in the USA?

      The debate that seemed to go on forever has finally come to a conclusion: there is no federal law that regulates gambling online as an illegal activity. Whereas state laws are regarded, each has its own opinion on the matter, some allowing it, others fighting to legalize it and some that strictly prohibited. In order to avoid the headache, find some USA friendly online casinos licensed outside of the US, and you’re good to go.

      ❓ How to Gamble Online in the US?

      There are a couple of things to focus on:

      • find those online casinos that accept US players, restrictions due to the confusing legislation still being in place for some providers
      • focus on establishing which are the safe online casinos in the USA, thus avoiding frauds
      • see the politics on withdrawals and check if the available options for that suit you
      ❓ What is the Legal Gambling Age?

      Taking into account that it involves gambling for real money, being of age is a mandatory condition. This again depends on the state laws, but it’s one of the two options: 18 or 21 years old.

      ❓ Is it Safe?

      Hand over your money only to trusted online casinos for US players. There might be a lot of scammers out there, but there also exist many ways to verify a website’s authenticity. Whereas the rules that such a site must follow, in order to receive a license, prevent any intentional wrong-doing.

      ❓ Can I Withdraw my Winnings from American Online Casinos?

      Surely you can. Just pay attention to the terms and conditions that apply to withdrawals. There might be minimum limits stated or other additional conditions imposed by online casinos accepting US players.

      ❓ How Can I Play USA Mobile Casinos?

      Most virtual casinos have the mobile version already set up. Some go for the instant-play version, directly in your web browser, while the best mobile casinos in the USA have invested in a mobile app for easy access. The casino software is usually compatible with the most popular mobile devices operating systems.

      ❓ Can I use PayPal?

      The best online US casinos that want to make a name for themselves usually offer e-wallets as a solution for online payments. PayPal is one of the most famed e-wallets, often appears mentioned as a viable option.