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Is there something strange in the neighbourhood? Well, you know who to call. Although you cannot literally call the squad, you could get the next best thing in the form of the Ghostbusters slot machine game at Slots LV online casino website and other sites. Without further delay, here is the Ghostbusters slot review just for you.

Tech Info

The game is designed by North-American land-casino developer IGT, which is known for developing the best online casinos in the world. The Ghostbusters online casino slot game is no different from the other great games the developer has released. One could say that the ghostbusters casino game is the developer’s best one yet.

It has an interface of a typical video slot machine with a number of graphics and features that make the game all the more stimulating and fun to play. What makes it even more exciting to many a user is a fact that you can win a total jackpot payout of 500 coins. You could also increase your pay-out x5000 times your initial stake, which makes it possible for you to become quite wealthy overnight.

Game Features

The features of the ghostbusters slot machines, whether it’s online or offline, is the number of bonus games embedded within the game. Of course, it has to be said that this also has the classic features of wild symbols and scatter symbols in the 30 lines present.

All in all, the Ghostbusters online slot has 5 bonus games that are quite unique as well. These games are the Ballroom Buster, Stay Puft, The Psychic, and Paranormal Pick. All of them allow you to enjoy the nostalgia of the original movie, as certain clips of it are played out once you win.

In addition to playing the Ghostbusters casino slot for real money, these bonus games allow you to take part in free spins, essentially giving you a Ghostbusters flee slot. This, in turn, gives you more chances of getting that elusive cash pay-out.

Game Plot

The free Ghostbusters slot game can be accessed easily through the web and can be operated in a straightforward manner. Up to 50 coins can be played, the lowest bet being 5 cents and the highest being $30. It is a 5 reel slot machine, so your total bet can be increased substantially.

All you have to do once you enter the desired bets and coins is to press the ‘Spin’ button and the machine will do the rest. If you are lucky, you might get some bonus symbols, which will enable you to play the ghostbusters slot machine online free. In other words, you are entitled to free spins, which would allow you to maximise your chances of getting a higher pay-out. Once you win, clips from the movie play too.


In short, the Ghostbuster Slot is so exciting that anyone would want to play it. It is also designed for you to win, as it boasts a win percentage of more than 95%. Couple that with a nod to 80s pop culture, and you have a recipe for a fun-filled game with great returns.