Jenny Nevada And The Diamond Temple Online Slot Game

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Whether playing free Jenny Nevada and The Diamond Temple slot game or the game as it was meant to be, with cash involved, this is one of those slot machines that take you on a thrill ride, no matter what. There’s nothing that screams out incredible wealth more than a young lady with a whip, searching for lost treasures in a temple filled with diamonds. Jenny Nevada and The Diamond Temple slot review aims at taking you through the ride of adventure hunting with a great reward awaiting at the end of the quest.

Tech Information

This video slot is powered by Rival online casinos software provider, and as we’ve gone accustomed to by now, it can only be played on the desktop version, as no mobile option is available.

As long as the Internet connection withstands, the 5 reel slot is ready to receive bets of 1 to 10 coins per each of the 20 available lines, with coin sizes not exceeding 25 cents. Gamblers know they play Jenny Nevada and The Diamond Temple slot for real money, on account of the revealed RTP of 96%, which is quite high as far as slot machines are concerned.

Game Features

Jenny Nevada and The Diamond Temple online slot is in the category of those which don’t have a wild symbol, but fear not, there are still plenty multipliers, which allow for the jackpot’s value to rise. There are, instead, two sorts of scatter signs:

  • Jenny Nevada showing herself in at least three copies across the reels allow for up to 50 free spins with any treasure found during these rounds being multiplied by four.
  • Over 3 Bonus Planes are bound to take the player all the way to the entrance in the Diamond Temple, where Jenny awaits to offer guidance in the Bonus round.

Gambling in the bonus game means travelling through chambers of the temple, in its depth, each time being able to pick one of the prizes awarded. The downside is that each time a player needs to leave a chamber, it can do that by choosing one of three exits. Every three exits present one which is surely a trap that ends the trip through the temple, ending the bonus round.

Game Plot

Even playing Jenny Nevada and The Diamond Temple flee slot, with the option of not wagering any money just yet, is still loads of fun, the excitement of the story being entertaining enough on itself. All online casinos would love for more games which attract players primarily for the story, betting becoming an extra perk these slots offer.

Jenny Nevada and The Diamond Temple slot machine game oversees the quest to reach the dreamed-off treasure and fortune. The inspiration for Jenny Nevada and her temple run is clearly in the person of fictional treasure hunter Indy. She has all the necessary instruments, the hat and whip, first of all. Other tokens which appear to give more strength to the storyline are the machetes, the pistols, binoculars, hidden maps, golden masks, or a distant view of the place that hides the diamonds. It’s a search which can use all the clues it can get while facing the perils along the way without the before mentioned items, is impossible.


The same way Jenny searches for a treasure to turn her life around, gamblers that play for real money have the same ultimate goal in mind. Jenny Nevada and The Diamond Temple casino slot game offers plenty of opportunities for that to happen, besides an entertaining pastime cruising down a dangerous sanctuary.