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When it comes down to a sport renowned for people that play for real money, American football is, perhaps, on the top of the list, with not that many athletes having the wages they do. Thankfully, those winning in online casinos have the ability to enjoy a football related game, while also gambling and winning a smaller fortune. The Pigskin Payout slot review reveals all the multipliers, bonus rounds and possibilities which aid in making that dream, of becoming as rich as an American footballer, true.

Tech Info

Not having mobile-friendly options to play this game, there are still some ways to play demo versions of Pigskin Payout flee slot, on the desktop. The game producers at Rival software seemed to just want to create an easy-to-play, user-friendly video slot and so they haven’t put in that much work into developing the interface, the designs of the symbol, or the alternatives for gaming.

However, in terms of the average Internet gamblers’ interest, Pigskin Payout slot machine game offers sufficient perks to be considered a worthy betting choice. Its 5 reel slots allow for as much as 20 paying-lines, going to a top win of 7500 coins, where the coin value go between 0.01 and 0.25, with a number of maximum 10 coins per line. The return to player percentage is a bit higher than the usual betting average at 94%.

Game Features

The features that make this a game played for fun, but also emphasize the use of Pigskin Payout slot for real money winnings, are those special symbols that mean higher outcomes. In this area, the Rival casino software developers have gone through the complete array of tokens, related to the American football phenomenon:

  • Starting with the 50 yards kick-off line
  • Going to fan-related signs, such as the beer, chips and dips, the giant one-fingered glove
  • The symbols connected to the game itself: football, quarterback, linebacker, umpire, or a play-scheme
  • Finally, the symbols which bring along a great part of the joy of football: the cheerleaders and the stadium itself

There are no bonus rounds in this slot, but collecting enough scatter symbols, namely the stadiums, meaning at least 3, gives any player the right to a number of free spins. What’s interesting about these spins for free, Pigskin Payout slot game has, is that they come with a Jackpot Can’t Loose play, where the first and the fifth reels are filled by wild symbols cheerleaders, which make the remaining three reels to roll in additional and guaranteed winnings.

Game Plot

The whole story about Pigskin Payout online casino slot game is focused on the simple joy of the phenomenon that is American football and the enthusiasm it brings along with it. Rolling up the reels to see the quarterbacks playing the pigskin, with a hint of the snacks and drinks every stadium-going fan enjoys and of course the cheerleaders throwing their pom-poms up and down whenever you receive a winning combination, thus acclaiming you, it just gets the feeling of being directly involved in a football match. And if winning cash is thrown in the mix, things are looking pretty enjoyable.


The Pigskin Payout online slot, by Rival software, is not a complicated game, with a never-ending story you need to concentrate at following. But it brings to you the cheers, the emotions of being on a stadium and the thrill of playing the favourite game while giving it a go at your own winning play.