Online Gambling Trends in the USA

online gambling trends

Like each year has new trends and things that mark that year in a special color/attribute, this year has brought us some new trends that we will follow. We are not speaking about the new casinos like Silver Oak online casino nor payment methods that are just implemented. We speak about what you will need to follow to keep up with the trend! Although these were expected to rise in the upcoming future, no one actually believed it would be fast and in large scale. Each of this trend will influence the overall online gambling, making it more futuristic and more advanced.

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Blockchain technology

The rise of cryptocurrency resulted in many casinos implementing Bitcoin payments. You can deposit any amount of money you want in Bitcoin, however, you cannot perform a withdrawal through this cryptocurrency. Although the Bitcoin bubble exploded, it is still one of the safest ways to perform payment, at least in terms of anonymity, which is exactly what a good portion of players is looking for. At the moment, no other cryptocurrency is accepted than Bitcoin. But by the end of 2019, we can expect to see other altcoins implemented like Litecoin, Digicoin and other ones.

Real live dealer games

The games with real dealers are more than interesting, and everyone wants to try them out. Still, you are aware of the fact that the game is not from some real brick-and-mortar casino and you are not intrigued. An online casino announced very interesting news lately. According to them, you can expect to see a live game from the real casino in New Jersey that will be streamed via camera. You will be able to enjoy roulette from the real casino instead of a specially made studio.

Futuristic security

Technology advances every year, and it is not odd to see some new features regarding the protection of your account. A lot of players complained about the constant logging in a process that could be much painless, especially for the regular players. As more casinos implement mobile gambling, you will be able to log in to your account via finger scanner. The feature is already used for unlocking screens of smartphones, so the casino developers will reuse this technology to make easier access for their customers. And Cool Cat casino mobile announced this feature to be implemented in the near future.

VR expansion

Virtual Reality makes everything more realistic (isn’t it?) so you could only imagine what will eventually happen to games that are about to implement this technology perk. Imagine opening pharaoh’s chests in a pyramid in VR, while collecting points and stacking up your winnings. Yes, this is about to happen in the near future, and this is an inevitable part of the game upgrade. The game upgrades will make a choice between favorite casinos easily!

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