Mobile Billing Casino Guide

Nowadays, online casinos have become quite popular, and many people resort to this type of gambling. It is quite convenient, you can do it anywhere, and all you need is a smartphone device. Once you find the best mobile gambling site, you can start betting right away.
What seems to concern the majority of players are the payment methods. Unfortunately, many countries have restricted banking options that disable gamblers from betting online. However, this industry is rapidly developing, and now, many platforms have a top option that includes “mobile casino pay by phone bill”.
This feature makes gambling much more comfortable, and a pay by mobile phone casino is one of the best options we have seen so far.

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What is a pay by phone bill?

When you choose to pay by phone casino, you can add funds to your account by using your smartphone. This is a quick and efficient procedure that doesn’t require too much time. Whether you are a postpaid or prepaid user, you can load your account by sending an SMS or receive a bill at the end of the month.

Pay by mobile phone casino feature is one of the newest and safest ways to transfer money without exposing personal information, such as your credit card number or pin. While you still need to provide some data when opening an account, your financial information can be replaced with a phone number.

Online casino mobile payment guide

Choose your device

Whether you have a mobile, smartphone, iPhone, Android, or Windows device, you can use the new mobile casino pay by phone bill feature. You don’t need a credit card or bank details to load your account with money.

Review the billing option

You should head to the cashier section of your chosen casino and look for an SMS or mobile billing option. Nowadays, many casinos have the feature enabled for their users.

Wait for the text message

The next page will offer your information on the amount of money you want to deposit. You need to enter your phone number and confirm the details.
You will get a text message considering the payment, and you should reply to confirm the transaction.

Enjoy your game

Once you complete the previously mentioned steps, you can head to the casino and enjoy gambling. At the end of the month, the money you are deposited will appear on your bill.

Boku, Payforit, and Siru as Mobile Payment Methods

While the safe mobile gambling site has been popular for more than a decade, the recent increase in the popularity of gaming on the go enabled plenty of payment options. Here are the three most popular options you can explore to transfer your money without additional hassle.

Siru Mobile Casinos

Siru Mobile is a top pay by phone bill mobile casino service that allows users to deposit money using their phone number. It works together with the platform and your mobile network provider. Basically, this is a payment intermediary who is responsible for making the payment.
The amount you used to fund your online casino account will be displayed on your bill or subtracted from your phone credit balance. Many safe Siru mobile casinos allow this service, and many people are satisfied with the results.

Boku Mobile Casinos

Similar to the previously mentioned service, Boku mobile is another payment option you can explore. Not all pay by phone online casinos will have all three listed services, so you should get familiar with them before you start gambling.
Boku is quite simple to use, you need to follow the step: select new Boku casinos payments, enter your phone number, respond to message, and you can go gambling.

Payforit Mobile Casinos

In the last couple of years, no deposit bonus for Payforit casinos have become very popular due to their mobile payment features. Many casinos have this payment method enabled, and it works similarly to the Boku and Siru.
You go to the deposit section, insert your phone number, the amount you want to transfer, confirm via SMS, and you are ready to play.


One of the biggest reasons why the best pay by mobile casino decides to use this payment method is because it’s convenient and easy. When you use a smartphone to gamble, it can be quite challenging every time you run to your computer to load your account with money.
This means your options are restricted, and you need to have both devices to play. However, when you utilize the top online casino pay by mobile feature, you don’t have to use a computer to deposit money. You can do everything through your phone number.
On the other hand, many players are concerned about their safety every time they provide their credit card information. But, besides filling out your name when you open an account with an online platform, the only thing you need is a phone number, and at the end of the month, you will get mobile casino games to pay by phone bill.
The payment will go directly on your bill, and you will never have to give out your credit card information or share any data over the web. Additionally, you will love that these transfers are handled almost immediately while you get bill casino at the end of the month.


Even though the mobile billing casino feature is considered one of the best payment options out there, it still has a couple of drawbacks players tend to neglect.
First of all, the majority of pay by phone methods doesn’t offer withdrawal options. This means you have to find alternative ways to get your hard-earned money. Secondly, phone bill deposits are designed for small transactions, which can be disappointing for high-end players.
For instance, with Boku, you can only deposit 30 pounds per 24 hours. If you are one of those players who likes to spend a lot of money on online gambling, you won’t find this option beneficial.
Last but not least, small payments can lead to a massive phone bill which many people tend to neglect. In this case, you aren’t investing “real” money, the mobile company pays instead of you, and you get the bill at the end of the month. It’s easy to lose control, even when small mobile deposit casino amounts are involved.

The Best Pay by Phone Casinos


This is a favourite spot for many players who enjoy playing Bovada slots and the best of all; this platform allows mobile casino games to pay by phone bill option. It features more than 150 casino games, and you can use the pay by mobile slots feature to transfer money to your account.
Based on many testimonials, this online casino is quite reliable and has an excellent customer support and a wide range of games. Players seem to be thrilled with the casino software. It offers unique blackjack and other gaming actions. You can download them or play games online.
Additionally, if you are a fan of sports betting, Bovada has roulette with the biggest selection of sports you can bet on.

Red Dog

Compared to other online platforms, Red Dog is a relatively new casino that gained popularity. It was launched in 2019 and became one of the biggest providers of online gambling services. This casino is entirely legit and features hundreds of real-time games you can experience.
Another great option it allows players to use the mobile slots pay by phone bill feature. You don’t have to reveal your personal information or credit card data. For instance, you can pick traditional games such as the quirky Kung Fu Rooster, the mystery of the Secret Symbols, and Halloween treat in Bubble Bubble.
New players have a chance to get a welcome bonus, which is rather generous. However, make sure to pay attention to terms and conditions before you accept this bonus.

Sloto Cash

Sloto Cash is another famous place for many online gamblers, which allows the best mobile phone gambling. It is considered to be one of the safest gambling platforms in this industry. It was launched in 2007, and since then, this casino has developed a significant reputation among players.
It features more than 70 slot games that support various devices, such as iPhone, Android, and Windows. You can use the mobile deposit slots feature among different payment options, which enables you to deposit money via phone number.
Also, Sloto Cash mobile casino offers excellent welcome bonuses and promotions. However, before you can collect your award, you must fulfil specific terms and conditions. In most cases, you need to win a couple of spins or make a few turnovers if you want to withdraw the welcome bonus.
Their customer support is just amazing, and they are open 24/7, seven days a week. You can contact them through live chat, phone and talk with their representatives in several languages.


If you are a fan of class action games, then Ignition casino is the right choice for you. Since its launch in 2016, this online platform has been using the best online casino software to provide players with the highest standards.
The Ignition features all favourite games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker Games, French Roulette, Vegas Strip Blackjack, and many others. Going with the trends, this online platform has enabled the safest mobile casino deposit by phone bill feature. You don’t have to use bank transfers or credit cards to gamble online.
You can receive up to $200 bonus credits on your first deposit. They have excellent customer support, and their platform supports all smartphone devices, such as iPhone, Android, and Windows.

When do I have to pay my deposit?

Your deposit should appear on your bill at the end of the month. However, depending on when you make a payment, you may not see the immediate charge on your invoice. For instance, if you used to pay with phone credit service within the current month, you will receive the bill in the following month.

Can I use a prepaid account?

Yes, the new casino pay by mobile phone bill service covers the prepaid account. However, unlike the previously mentioned plan, you will be charged immediately. It means that the payment will be deducted from your remaining balance.
Make sure to have enough funds if you plan to gamble online using this payment method. When you reach the limit or spend all your money, the transaction will be rejected.

Is it safe to use?

Unlike other deposit options such as credit cards and e-wallets, paying by phone bill is a much safer way to load your account. You don’t have to deliver your personal information. In some cases, credit card numbers get stolen, and you can never be 100% secure.
The safe online casino pay by mobile phone only requires your phone number, and you get charged at the end of the month.

Am I safe gambling with my phone?

Yes! Pay by phone bill transactions are completely safe, and the only information required is your phone number. No one can charge more than the amount you confirmed via SMS. Considering you don’t provide personal data, nothing can be stolen during the transaction.

Will I have to pay a fee on deposits and withdrawals?

Well, it all depends on the service you are using. For example, Payforit doesn’t charge an additional fee. The only time you may see an extra charge on your account is if your mobile provider charges for SMS or mobile data you spent gambling online.

Can I change my payment plan?

This also depends on the online platform. The majority of them have this option enabled because they want to accommodate their users. If you later decide that paying by phone bill is not a good match for your needs, you can switch to a credit card or e-wallet.

Can I pay for online slots?

As we explained earlier, this payment option is ideal for the best mobile billing slots. Since it covers small amounts, this service will be perfect for the newest bingo deposit by phone bill.

Alternative Payment Methods: